The groom dips the bride in her wedding dress at sunset with her toe tipped up, showing off her comfortable sparkly canvas wedding shoes.

The wedding day of Alli and Blaine’s was a beautiful one. The weather was warm in early August and spirits were high. Alli was getting ready in the bridal suite while Blaine was getting ready upstairs at Skiatook Springs. The Skiatook Springs was beautiful overlooking the Skiatook lake. Its a must go venue for Tulsa wedding photographers. Alli and Blaine both had gifts for each other. Alli got Blaine a Yeti ice chest and Blain got her the three S’s, something old, something new, something blue. Alli also had gifts for her parents which was very sweet and emotional for the three of them. When Alli got into her dress she looked stunning. Her white dress and blonde hair with a flower in it was adorable. Once both sides of the wedding party were ready we went out side and took photos of the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

The ceremony was warm but everyone was happy to be there. The view from the ceremony overlooking the lake was gorgeous. All the guests took their seats. The groomsmen and bridesmaids took their spots in the front with Blaine and the officiant. When Alli made her way down the isle with her father Blaine got a bit of a tear in his eye and a big smile. The ceremony was very heart felt, they had a sand ceremony as well. When the big moment came, Blaine took Alli and dipped her with a big kiss. Everyone loved it and cheered.

The reception was crazy. The dj was on stage, everyone had glowing, and flashing light tubes. The party was going strong. You could tell that everyone was enjoying themselves. Guests were constantly dancing and requesting songs. Alli and Blaine dancing together was very cute with everyone around them. The grand exit was definitely unique. Rather than having everyone line up out front we went out back in the grass. Everyone made two lines with their light tubes and the couple ran down and kissed in the middle with everyone cheering for them. After that we walked down a path to the water where a boat was waiting for them. They took of standing and waiving back at everyone on shore. They faded into the night to start their new life together.

The bride's glittery pink canvas wedding shoes laying outside of the venue on a stone.

Alli's Parents get emotional when they open the gifts she got them for the wedding.

The Bridesmaids and bride dressed up in short flowery and colorful rompers, standing side by side.

The Groomsmen and groom standing shoulder to shoulder, in suit pants and shirts, wearing colorful boutonnieres.

The entire bridal party stand in their formal wear, holding bouquets as they pose for a shot with the Bride.

The Wedding Cake stands in the center of a table, flanked by two macaron towers in bright reds, whites, and blues.
The Brided poses on top of a wooden and iron bridge, outside of the wedding venue with bouquet in hand.
The bride's Father Gives his daughter a hug gives her away.

A focused image looking down the wedding aisle, looking at the bride and groom standing in front of the officient.

The groom gives his newly wed bride a kiss, dipping her in front of the guests as they clap.

The bride and groom take their first dance, and the bride is swung around in a circle.

The newly wed couple kiss in front of a colorful sunset in the background.

Guests at the wedding reception dance and have a lightup dance party on the dance floor, with hand held lights.

The bride and groom kiss while the wedding guests look on, holding lights and cheering.

The bride and groom wave goodbye as they take a boat ride away from the venue.