The groom kisses his bride's forehead as she smiles and looks away.

For me doing Tulsa photography, I always love going to Noah’s, and Sophia and Ryan’s wedding was no exception. Sophia looked absolutely gorgeous in her lace gown embellished with pearl sleeves. Her patience and love for Ryan’s daughter, Addie, only added to the exquisite glow she carried throughout the day. I have gotten to spend this special occasion with many wonderful families, but this family was one of my favorites. Even more awe-inspiring than the amount of love and  support given to Sophia & Ryan by their families was the emotional exchange between Sophia and Addie. Her promise to love and cherish not only Ryan, but Addie as well, left us all weepy especially when sweet Addie began to cry. To add to this overwhelmingly joyous day, Sophia’s siblings serenaded the couple throughout many sentimental moments. However, Sophia’s family wasn’t all sappiness and tears, it was also one of the only weddings I have attended where the bridesmaids were rowdier than the groomsmen. You can’t tell from the pictures, right? It was a great wedding to be doing Tulsa photography for. True to their word, the “Green Bananas” kept the party going. I don’t know the full story (it involves Sophia only liking green bananas), but it’s the name the rambunctious group of female cousins dubbed themselves. In all honesty, I don’t think the dancing ever stopped, which was a first for me at a weeknight wedding. The enthusiasm of this couple and their family was more than just a little bit contagious. Even grandparents were out on the dance floor! The night finally wound down as the couple signed their marriage license and made their fade exit. I wish this little family nothing, but the best! Congratulations to a wonderful couple and family.

A black and white photo of the bride's jeweled, open toed high heels.

The groom waits for his bride in the foreground, blurred, as his bride walks up from behind him, in focus.

The bride touches her groom's arm, smiling and he turns around to see her.

All of the bride's wedding party stands together for a shot, looking at each other, making happy faces, smiling and laughing together.

The bridesmaids all pretend to attack the groom with their bouquets in a fun photo outside of the venue.

A bridesmaid jumps on the groom's back and spreads her arms out with a very excited expression.

The bride and groom touch foreheads together sharing a touching moment together outside of the wedding venue.

In front of a lighted veil background, the bride and groom get on their knees to places kisses on the cheeks of their flower girl.

As the wedding guests stand and watch, the bride walks down the wedding aisle with her father.

The bride, Sophia, reads a letter to a little girl as the groom stands behind the little girl.

The bride unclasps a necklace to put around the little girls neck, who has been crying.

The bride and little girl hug in front of the alter.

In front of a trolley outside of the wedding venue, the groom dips his bride and gives her a kiss.

The bride smiles with her head on the groom's shoulder as they have their first dance after exchanging their vows.

On the dance floor, some of the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and other wedding guests dance together.

Two older men at the wedding help an older woman walk, as they all smile and laugh.