black and white photo of a bride getting ready on her wedding day in front of three windows

At the Chapel at Ana Villa in Colony, Texas, Emily and Hunter became husband and wife. It was a very special day celebrating the marriage of a sweet, kind hearted and beautiful couple who you could see were head over heels in love.

Emily was a stunning bride. We captured some stunning shots of her holding and looking at her dress before putting it on, excited for what the day would bring. Her stunning dress was a white, floor-length A-line gown that was beautifully embellished. She wore cute shiny plimsolls to complete her look and for an added touch of comfort. It was an emotional morning, with laughter, tears and happiness. Emily read a letter from her husband to be and was very emotional from his words. More feeling of happiness and emotion washed over Emily when her Father entered the room for the first look moment. He looked so happy to see her and spun her around. We headed outside to capture Emily and her bridesmaids together. Her beautiful bridesmaids wore very elegant gold/silver dresses that sparkled. They all looked gorgeous and held colorful bouquets that matched with Emily's flowers.

Hunter looked very smart in his black suit with matching bow tie and waist jacket. He also read a letter from Emily, which an emotional moment and time to think about his bride to be and the journey they were about to embark on together.

The venue was stunning. It was very classy and elegant. There were a couple of places to get married in the venue, including a wine cellar type area. It was a very versatile venue that could really change depending on the type of wedding that was being held there. Emily and Hunter married in the big chapel. It had a beautiful reception area to the side of it, so the whole day was held in this stunning place. Strings were played in the gorgeous ceremony. It was very romantic, peaceful and heartwarming. Hunter had the biggest smile on his face as Emily emerged from the big wooden doors and walked down the aisle towards him. They stood in front of the huge windows that allowed the light to flow in. There marriage was confirmed when they were pronounced husband and wife, and they walked happily back down the aisle as a married couple. We headed around the amazing venue to capture shots of the couple together. Wherever we were, we managed to get the most stunning shots of this beautiful couple, and it was wonderful to see the love that they felt for each other. You could see they were so overjoyed to be a married couple.

We headed back into the grand reception hall were the couple were warmly welcomed by their loved ones. The couple headed for the huge dancefloor were they took part in their first dance. Fog gently danced around their feet an amazing sparklers went off behind them. It was a really beautiful moment and one that we are sure they will remember forever. We shot the video for this magical wedding here too, so we hope the couple can watch that moment back with fondness and remember how they felt right there and then. The happy couple then shared dances with their mother and fathers and the celebrations continued into the night.

At one point, they asked for volunteers and played a game show from the randomly selected people. This brilliant game included embarrassing and very funny moments. Leonardo the DJ played great music into the night and the huge dance floor was packed all night. Emily and Hunter left to a gorgeous sparkler exit. These fantastic sparklers and cold sparks, so low risk of fire and maximum wow factor. It was a simply gorgeous day capturing the wedding of this beautiful couple.

Congratulations guys, it was a blast hanging out with you guys, you had a beautiful wedding and we could really feel the love between you two. We wish you all the best.

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a pile of chalkboard signs that read first friend cousin sister kindergarten MCA hospital a bride to be reading a note from her soon-to-be-husband as she tears up a bride to be reading a note written on standard rule paper from her soon-to-be-husband a bride standing underneath her wedding dress as it hands on a window curtain rod a bride and groom standing at the altar in front of a cross and six huge windows as they wed a brides mother zipping up her dress shortly before her wedding in front of a beautiful window setting at her wedding venue a groom tying his bowtie in the mirror before his wedding ceremony a bridesmaid wearing a gold dress helping a bride put the finishing touches on her wedding dress on the day of her wedding six bridesmaids wearing gold dresses locking arms together as the smile at the bride a father holding up the hand of his daughter on the day of her wedding before the ceremony a newlywed kissing as the groom dips his wife backwards slightly a bride smiling at her groom as they hold hands at an altar on their wedding day a newly wed couple sharing their first kiss as man and wife at the altar a bride and groom kissing at sunset on their wedding night a bride smiling and dancing at her wedding surrounded by friends and family on the dancefloor a bride and groom sharing the dancefloor during their first dance at their wedding a bride and groom leaving their wedding as their wedding guests applaud them during their grand exit an older man dancing with the flower girl at a wedding